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Homeopathic Quality

The Cornerstones of Homeopathic Quality


The CompliMed® homeopathic brand is manufactured using the monographs, processes and procedures outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) which has been the quality and legal foundation of homeopathic drugs since 1897. Homeopathic tinctures are manufactured and potencies are made using traditional processes. The HPUS quality standards and testing guidances are an essential part of the quality and integrity that goes into every homeopathic product.


The manufacturing of the CompliMed® homeopathic products is performed by FDA registered drug establishments under full cGMPs. Facilities are FDA inspected and audited by our quality assurance team for excellence in manufacturing and compliance. Manufacturing processes are validated, continuously monitored and documented in compliance with cGMPs. Product registration, annual product and manufacturing reviews, label quality reviews and manufacturing and operational change control ensure process control and product quality throughout manufacturing cycles.


CompliMed® has continuously utilized the advances in homeopathic research and medical practice to create and deliver innovative formulas designed specifically for medical practice. CompliMed® has historically and continues to utilize the research and evolution of homeopathy, the science and research of homeopathic drugs and the development and improvement of dosage forms and drug delivery to provide balanced and effective products to practitioners and their patients.


CompliMed® strives to provide the most reliable and highest quality service to our practitioners and, in turn, to their patients. Our professional service is measured not just in the timely delivery of medicines but measured in the quality of technical information, clarity of product information and labeling, and the reliability and availability of support services.